Sayaka Matsuoka is a journalist who grew up at the intersection of her Japanese heritage and the suburban south. Using her cultural background and her education in art history, she focuses on issues surrounding identity, immigrant food culture, activist art, and cultural exchange.

Her writing has appeared in both Triad City Beat and INDY Week where she has written several cultural pieces and cover stories including a profile on a local sex trafficking victim and a look at the mental health of black women and girls.

She has also contributed to the feminist magazine, Bitch, and has been featured on the magazine's podcast, Popaganda where she interviewed a female sushi chef breaking cultural gender boundaries. She was also a 2016 finalist for Bitch's writing fellowship. During her time in Greensboro, Sayaka also collaborated with local immigrant food organization, Ethnosh, as a writer.

Her strengths include organizing things alphabetically, creating lists, and finding free food.

Her weakness include the TV show FRIENDS, dogs and free food.